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Training and Assessment

RTO compliance guide to buy compliant assessment resources

According to almost all ASQA reports, getting an assessment right is one of an RTO’s most difficult compliance issues, with a substantial number of RTOs, audited being found to be non-compliant with clause 1.8 (ASQA’s 2017 report showed around 72% RTOs failed audit on assessment resources). This is what we notice as well whenever we […]
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NCVER Report – Upskilling and reskilling: the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on employers and their training choices

Photo source: NCVER NCVER’s latest research examines how Australian employers have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and their future workforce training plans. To survive financially during the pandemic, many businesses had to adjust and digitise their operations, as well as shift quickly to remote working arrangements. As restrictions started easing in 2020, businesses were […]
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Formative vs Summative Assessment: A Comparison

Formative and summative assessment, the two main types of assessing knowledge and skills, are often confused with one another. Both types of assessment have a place in the teaching and learning process, but it can be difficult to distinguish between formative and summative assessment. Both formative and summative assessments are used to assess learning, provide […]
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Interview with Anna-Louise Allen, Quality and Compliance Auditor

Anna-Louise Allen has been a leader in education and a catalyst for change and innovation in teaching and learning throughout her career. Anna-Louise commenced as a technical school teacher in the western suburbs teaching Geography. She had held leadership positions in schools, run the Geography Teachers Association of Victoria and worked in a variety of […]
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CAQA FAQ Series – Industry consultation

What is industry consultation in the RTO context? It is a process in which the training representatives of a training organisation consult with representatives from the industry to determine whether they are using the most appropriate facilities, equipment, and resources for delivering the training, whether their trainers and assessors have the most up to date […]
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How to check the quality of assessment resources

Critical skills for checking the quality of your assessment resources. The purpose of the assessment tool The main purpose of an assessment tool, student assessment, or assessment pack is to ensure that trainers and assessors can effectively establish whether a learner is competent or not yet competent in a training product. There are three ways […]
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How to protect the copyright of your training and assessment materials Margaret Ryan (lawyer and trade marks attorney)

Training and assessment materials are normally protected by copyright in Australia. They are a valuable resource and should be protected from unauthorised copying, which may reduce their value and the value of the business which supplies these resources. Copyright is automatic In Australia copyright protection is automatic. As soon is an author records their thoughts […]
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Risk assessment and risk management at your organisation

Risk assessment and risk management at your organisation should be a continuous process. It involves best practices like identifying, assessing and mitigating risks. Risk assessment is the process of identifying and analysing the hazards, risks, and threats to an organisation. A risk assessment is a process to identify and evaluate the potential risks and threats […]
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