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Message from General Manager (14 Dec 2021)

Message from General Manager All of life’s pleasures are just temporary, so make use of them while you can. The best memories will endure a lifetime, and if you do not experience the joy in the moments, just regrets will be left behind. We hope you have a wonderful holiday season and that you will […]
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Interview with John Molenaar, Quality and Compliance Auditor

John Molenaar is an education professional who started his career in teaching with positions as a primary and secondary teacher. In the late 1980s/early 1990s, he held roles in education organisation management as Executive Director of the Gould League of Victoria and the John Gardiner Centre. In the mid 1990’s John started his career in […]
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Interview with Anna-Louise Allen, Quality and Compliance Auditor

Anna-Louise Allen has been a leader in education and a catalyst for change and innovation in teaching and learning throughout her career. Anna-Louise commenced as a technical school teacher in the western suburbs teaching Geography. She had held leadership positions in schools, run the Geography Teachers Association of Victoria and worked in a variety of […]
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Interview with Maciek Fibrich, Quality and Compliance Auditor

Maciek Fibrich is the Director of RTO Coaching and Consultancy Pty Ltd which provides amongst other services, coaching, mentoring and consultancy services as well as professional development and operational support to training organisations across Australia. Maciek has been working in the Vocational Training sector for 21 years and as a consultant for over 15 years […]
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Professional development session by Edu Learning and CAQA Skills – Transcript – Trainers and Assessors requirements

Sukh Sandhu: – Hello, everyone. Welcome to another professional development session brought to you by Compliance and Quality Assurance, CAQA, Edu Learning, CAQA Skills, The VET Sector and Career Calling International. We would like to pay our respects to traditional owners of the land and to their elders, past and present. Let me remind you […]
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Updates from CAQA Resources

This year, we at CAQA Resources developed the following courses: CPC AUR ICT BSB EAL FSK SIR Next year, our resource development will be focussed on the following training packages: SIS – Sport, Fitness and Recreation Training Package (Certificate I to Diploma level) CUA PSP FNS RII MEM FSK SIR TAE
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The government’s digital ID program is ramping up as legislation is on the horizon.

The federal government has issued an open invitation to businesses interested in providing feedback and comments on Australia’s federated digital identification system ahead of the system’s planned expansion, which will take place next year. In order to determine what services private sector organisations are interested in having accredited under the trusted digital identity framework (TDIF), […]
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Message from the CEO (1 Nov 2021)

Message from the CEO Welcome to the next edition of The VET Sector newsletter. This edition is jam-packed with useful information, informative articles, practical to-do suggestions, our professional experiences, and much more As always, we are inviting you to email us your thoughts, feedback, and suggestions for topics to be included in our next newsletters […]
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Advertise with us @ The VET Sector

The VET Sector is a digital magazine and newsletter that has been developed to promote and provide information about opportunities in the VET sector and increase awareness of changes affecting the industry. We hope that through our newsletter and e-magazine, we can provide the information that the vocational education and training sector needs and long […]
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