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Professional development services CAQA

Professional development services including workshops, seminars, mentoring programs

‘Vocational education and training (VET) practitioners play a critical role in skilling Australia’s workforce. The need to ensure that both their teaching practices and industry skills and knowledge remain current has never been more paramount, especially when faced with rapidly changing industrial, technological and economic environments’ Source’ ‘There is an obligation for registered training organisations […]
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HEP Consultancy Services CAQA

Higher Education Provider Application and Compliance Support

Providing vocational education and linking it to higher education provides your students with an enviable learning pathway. It provides your students with skills and knowledge outcome that result in gainful employment. The international market for higher education in Australia has had a steady increase over the last 2 decades. 1/2 M More than half a […]
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Government Funded Training CAQA

State and federal level funding

Government Funded Training Government funded training training is where the government provides the funds for students to complete a certain qualification when all eligibility criteria are met. The student is generally required to pay a tuition contribution fee at the time of enrollment as well as any additional course fees that are relevant, such as […]
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RTO Consultants and responding to external audits

Preparing for and responding to external audits

ASQA’s audit approach now has an increased focus on quality outcomes with greater emphasis on students. ASQA has been progressively implementing this approach since mid-2016. The revised approach has allowed ASQA to identify and act against poor-quality providers. Since 2013, ASQA has consistently found that only one in four providers complies with the required standards […]
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Development of Business Plans

Development of Business Plans

A business plan is a very important document as it commits you to document a set of business goals, objectives, target market information and financial forecasts that you are aiming to achieve over a certain period of time. It is very important for you to prepare a business plan if you are starting or growing […]
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ANMAC-Consultancy CAQA

ANMAC Consultancy

Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council (ANMAC) Accreditation of nursing and midwifery education programs is undertaken in the interest of public safety. The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council (ANMAC) is responsible for determining whether programs of study for nurses and midwives seeking to practice in Australia meet the required accreditation standards. It involves comprehensively […]
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Bid And Tender Management Services CAQA

Bid & Tender Management

In today’s competitive business world, many potential services are put out to tender. That is numerous potential companies are provided with the opportunity to bid for the work. In their bids, they will state how their company will solve your business need, provide the service required or supply the goods requested. They will also provide […]
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Due Diligence

ASQA recently reported some statistics: 1 in 20 RTO Re-registration were rejected 74.2% of audits failed in at least one non-compliance at the time of audit, in 2016-17 46.6% of audits still failed in at least one non-compliance after rectification, in 2016-17 6.4% decrement in the total number of providers nationally, since 2011. Source: https://www.asqa.gov.au/sites/g/files/net3521/f/asqa_annual_report_2016-17.pdf Thinking […]
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Industry Consultancy CAQA

Industry Consultation

Vocational Education and Training (VET) is about skilling people for the workplace and industry. The outcome of the education and training is being work ready, this means that training and assessment should accurately reflect workplace requirements. Industry consultation is the process where a Registered Training Organisation ( RTO) reaches out to industry to learn of […]
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Research & Development CAQA

Research & Development

For some time now, successive governments have initiated major reforms to Australia’s VET sector to increase levels of educational participation and attainment. These reforms have been designed to use government resources more efficiently, boost Australia’s productivity and workforce participation levels and to improve social equity. The reforms meant education systems and institutions needed become more […]
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