Unlock Your RTO's Full Potential with CAQA Internal Audits!

Your Registered Training Organisation (RTO) does an exceptional job providing quality training. Yet, like any sophisticated organisation, there's immense value in pausing and taking a reflective look inward. This is where CAQA's Internal Audit services come into play.

What Is an Internal Audit, and Why Is It Vital?

Think of an internal audit as a comprehensive health check-up for your RTO. It's a detailed review that contrasts the realities of your operations with established benchmarks and expectations. It’s not just about ensuring compliance; it’s about refining operational efficiency and striving for excellence.

Our CAQA Internal Audit Process Includes:

  • Review of Compliance Documentation (from policies and handbooks to procedures).
  • Evaluating Marketing and Advertisement strategies.
  • Inspecting Trainer, Assessor, and Student Files.
  • Checking Training and Assessment approaches.
  • Analysis of LLN Tests, Student Support, and Assessment Resources.
  • Validation and Quality Assurance System Review.
  • Insight into Industry Consultations and subsequent improvements.
  • Ensuring Secure and Accurate Certification.
  • Evaluating Pre-Training Assessment and its alignment with student's suitability.
  • Ensuring Fair Complaints Handling.
  • Scrutinising Effective Governance and Administration.
  • Review for Legal Compliance and alignment with SRTOs 2015, national code, and other legislative requirements.
  • Our process commences before the actual audit. Our auditors allocate time beforehand, diligently examining training strategies, marketing materials, and other pertinent elements.

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