Useful Information

Useful Information

Here are some useful links to government websites that will assist you with common RTO compliance questions:


Government Websites

Vet Quality Framework









Service Skills Organisations


Implementation/Purchasing Guides and Normal hours

Nationally Agreed Nominal Hours ACT & NSW

Vic, NT, SA & TA



Professional Networks

VET Acronyms

Acronym Full Title
AAC Australian Apprenticeships Centres
ABS Australian Bureau of Statistics
ACE Adult and Community Education
ACER Australian Council for Educational Research
ACPET Australian Council for Private Education and Training
AFLF Australian Flexible Learning Framework
AITD Australian Institute of Training and Development
APL Approved Providers List
AQF Australian Qualifications Framework
AQFC Australian Qualifications Framework Council
ASIC Australian Securities and Investments Commission
AISC Australian Industry and Skills Committee
ASQA Australian Skills Quality Authority
ASTDI Australian Society of Training and Development Inc
ATTP Apprenticeship and Traineeship Training Program
AVETMISS Australian Vocational Education and Training Management Information Statistical Standard
BVET Board of Vocational Education and Training
CAN Commonwealth Assistance Notice
CBT Competency Based Training
CERT Certificate
CHESSN Commonwealth Higher Education Student Support Number
CRICOS Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students
DIISRTE Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education
DEC Department of Education and Communities (NSW)
DEEWR Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations
DETE Department of Education, Training and Employment (VIC)
DETC Department of Education and Communities
ESL English as a second language
EFTSL Equivalent Full-Time Student Load
ERTOA Enterprise Registered Training Organisation Association
ESL English as a Second Language
EFTSL Equivalent Full-Time Student Load
FFS Fee for Service
FAQs Frequently Asked Questions
GTO Group Training Organisations
HTAN Hunter Trainers & Assessors Network (NSW)
ISC Industry Skills Council
LLN Language, Literacy and Numeracy
LLNP Language, Literacy and Numeracy Program
LOTE Languages other than English
NCVER National Centre for Vocational Education Research
NQC National Quality Council
NRT Nationally Recognised Training
NSSC National Skills Standards Council
NVR National VET Regulator
OPCET Office of Post-Compulsory Education and Training
OTTE Office of Training and Tertiary Education
Prereq Prerequisite
QUAL Full Qualification
RCC Recognition of Current Competency or Credit Transfer
RPL Recognition of Prior Learning
RTO Registered Training Organisation
SCOPE Scope of Registration
SCOTESE Standing Council for Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment
SOA Statement of Attainment
STA State Training Authorities
STS State Training Services
TAS Training and Assessment Strategy
TP Training Package
UOC Unit of Competency
VET Vocational Education and Training
VTT Vocational Training Tribunal
WBT Work Based Training
WELL Workplace English Language and Literacy

VET Government Websites