The international market for higher education in Australia has had a steady increase over the last 2 decades.

1/2 M

overseas students have been hosted by Australia in 2016


In 2000, Australia’s share of international students was 6% (Despite a wealth of choice, international students are also increasingly choosing Australia as their study destination)


In 2014, Australia’s share of international students was increased to 18%.


International education now generates more than twenty billion ($20,000,000,000) in income for Australia. It’s booming!


Why you need us for your CRICOS registration

Now is the time for your RTO to maximise opportunities in providing exceptional vocational education qualifications to international students.

RTOs who wish to deliver accredited courses to international students must be a CRICOS registered RTO or apply to be one.

When applying for CRICOS registration, the applicants must demonstrate how they will comply with the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 (ESOS Act) and demonstrate how they will comply with the VET Quality standards.

Our experienced CRICOS registration consultants will guide you through every step, from managing the whole project for gaining CRICOS registration to giving advice, support and training.

What we will provide/do for you

The level of consultancy and advice can be customised for clients with different levels of experience.

For new RTO registration awith CRICOS registration combined, we can provide one, several or all of the following services:

Registering the RTO

  • We will help you develop a customised plan for a successful RTO registration
  • We will help you
    • set up your RTO
    • set up your systems for managing quality across your RTO
    • develop compliant policies and procedures
    • develop strategies for managing your marketing and student information
    • set up appropriate training facilities and equipment
    • develop compliant and appropriate training and assessment materials for all units and qualifications
    • develop a Learning Management System
    • develop a student management system
    • develop compliant and appropriate record keeping procedures and student management system
    • hire experienced and qualified trainers / assessors ensuring compliant and appropriate documentation is in place to support their qualifications
    • develop a continuous improvement processes are in place including professional development for training, administration and management staff
    • develop industry engagement strategies, designed to maintain currency in your training and training materials
    • develop a detailed Training and Assessment Strategies (TAS) for each qualification you intend to deliver
  • We will help you with providing a compliant Australian Vocational Education and Training Management Information Statistical Standard (AVETMISS) database
  • We will help you develop the corporate governance policies, procedures and management structure
  • We will coach you in how to operate your RTO once established
  • Support you through the registration process
  • Help you prepare for registration and the ensuing audit

Registering for CRICOS

  • We allocate a consultant who will assist you through the whole application process
  • We will help you
    • address the VET quality framework
    • address the requirements of ESOS Act and the National Code of Practice
    • develop the submission to ASQA as a CRICOS provider
    • develop ESOS and CRICOS compliant policies and procedures for your RTO
    • Prepare your online ASQAnet Application
    • develop the International student handbook, which includes all the relevant policies and procedures for your international students
    • develop the international trainer’s handbook, which includes all the relevant policies and procedures for your trainers and assessors, including their responsibilities as a CRICOS trainer.
    • Develop the staff handbook
    • meet your Council requirements and gaining council approval of your building
    • understand Student Visa requirements
    • identify International Agents who can assist with the recruitment of your students
    • prepare for your ASQA audit
  • We can
    • work with you and your team to get your RTO compliant and ready for audit
    • provide an experienced Auditor who could attend your ASQA Audit and coach you through the compliance requirements on the day of your audit
    • develop an Audit Folder—including all compliance forms, policies and procedures that have been submitted to ASQA
    • perform an internal Audit—conducted at your premises to assist you with the preparations for audit and to ensure that you are ready for it

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