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More than half a million overseas students have been hosted by Australia in 2016


In 2000, Australia’s share of international students was 6% (Despite a wealth of choice, international students are also increasingly choosing Australia as their study destination)


In 2014, Australia’s share of international students was increased to 18%.


Why you need us for HEP consultancy

Our consultancy services deal with the managerial as well as the academic elements and draw on the skills of our expert consultants, all of whom have rigorous academic teaching backgrounds at senior and mid-range levels. We are well versed in the areas of management, Higher Education Provider (HEP) development, campus operations, academic process and the implementation of new initiatives.

What we will provide/do for you

Our higher education consultancy covers:

  • Registration of HEPs advice and Services (compliance)
  • Renewal and re-registration of HEPs
  • Setting up Governance and Ethics Board and sourcing members, developing policies and procedures including the secretarial function
  • Accreditation of HEP courses
  • Developing quality assurance frameworks for compliance and development
  • Quality Analysis, benchmarking processes and devising quality Plans
  • Ongoing Quality Management and continuous improvement
  • Partner program and course development, if any
  • Marketing and communications of existing, revitalised and new qualifications and programs
  • Auditing and self-regulation consultancy
  • HEP Human resources’ selection, recruitment and development
  • Resource allocation, management, budgeting and forecasting
  • Strategy, policy and program evaluations for strategic decision making
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS), eLearning, online learning consultancy and transitioning between face to face and online units

Will you be offering the HEP course(s) to overseas students?

Our higher education consultancy covers: