Successful e-learning strategies enhances an RTO’s strengths and positions it in a very competitive market.

‘Globally the market for so-called self-paced e-learning products reached US$42.7 billion last year, and is projected to reach US$53 billion by 2018, according to the research report by United States-based international research company Ambient Insight. While the US leads sales, Asia is the second largest market with revenues from e-learning products in Asia projected to reach US$12.1 billion in 2018, up from US$7.9 billion in 2013. Seven out of the top 10 countries with the highest e-learning growth rates in the world are in Asia – Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Nepal and Pakistan – with growth in these countries above 30%, the report said. “Myanmar has the highest growth rate in Asia at a breathtaking 50.2%, followed by Thailand and Malaysia at 43.7% and 42.3%, respectively’


Why you need us for your professional development

We can help you:

  • Through the process of developing an e-learning strategy that fits your RTO’s business model and your student needs and enhances the teaching and learning approaches on which your reputation relies on.
  • Consult with the various stakeholders to help ensure a positive attitude from your staff and student on your new strategy.
  • Map out and trial an internal e-learning transition schedule.
  • Analyse your risk factors and help you minimise or mitigate the identified risks related to introducing or developing an e-learning solution in your RTO.
  • To facilitate the design and implementation of your e-learning platform
  • Review a range of useful and cost-effective strategies, tools, software and websites, as well as case studies demonstrating pathways to success.

What we will provide/do for you

We begin by developing your e-learning Program in conjunction with your strategies, culture and events to leverage best practices—then working with you to maximize your e-learning success. Our e-learning consultants and customer support wil provide core program support services, fundamental to adding value. Our team will deliver the expert e-learning services and advice to help you establish your general strategy for deployment and adoption.

We will also help you:.

  • Recognise the different benefits offered by different e-learning strategies & determine business prospects for your RTO
  • Analyse your RTO’s current teaching and learning strategy to identify viable e-learning enhancement opportunities
  • Identify appropriate cost-efficient tools to enhancement your e-learning strategy
  • Map out a plan to trial e-learning for your RTO, and
  • Conduct a risk analysis to assist the planning of introducing the e-learning platform at your RTO


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