Due Diligence Audit


    Does your RTO need audit assistance? CAQA can help!

    A due-diligence audit includes two to three auditors to audit the RTO against the following standards:

    • Standards of Registered Training Organisations, 2015
    • The National Code 2018
    • Other legislative and regulatory frameworks and guidelines

    Our student-centric internal audit process includes going through the following:

    • Compliance documentation (policies, procedures, handbooks etc.)
    • Marketing and advertisement
    • Trainer and assessor files
    • Student files
    • Validation
    • Training and assessment strategies and practices
    • LLN tests and student support
    • Assessment and learner resources
    • Quality assurance system and continuous improvement
    • Industry consultation and how that leads to improvements
    • Secure and accurate certification
    • Pre-training assessment and documentation for student's suitability and course appropriateness
    • Fair complaints handling
    • Effective governance and administration
    • Legal compliance
    • Compliance with SRTOs 2015, national code and other legislative requirements etc.

    The audit processes will start prior to the actual audit as our auditors spend 1-2 days reviewing the training and assessment strategies, website and marketing materials etc.

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