For some time now, successive governments have initiated major reforms to Australia’s VET sector to increase levels of educational participation and attainment. These reforms have been designed to use government resources more efficiently, boost Australia’s productivity and workforce participation levels and to improve social equity. The reforms meant education systems and institutions needed become more accountable, more student focussed and a lot more efficient .

Why you need us for your research and development

Our expert consultants have experience in researching and analysing the labour market and its demographic information, demand for course and assessment development, education and training policy, funding analysis, educational systems, regulatory framework, RTO governance, education market and demand analysis, education policy and program evaluation and resource modelling.

What we will provide/do for you

We will:

  • meet with you to discuss your needs
  • assign a policy and procedure consultant to help identify your needs
  • conduct a needs analysis: Identify the need for the development of a new policy or procedure or review of an existing policy or procedure
  • Consult with stakeholders
  • Draft a report for your consideration and discussion
  • Circulate drafted document
  • help you communicate and implement the policies and procedures
  • Maintain and review all policies and procedures

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