Financial Analysisof an RTO

Are you a registered training organisation (RTO) looking to gain insights into your financial operations?

CAQA can help!

We offer a comprehensive financial analysis designed to identify potential financial threats and the feasibility of your operations. Our financial analysis includes a financial viability risk assessment pack completed by one of our experienced accountants, as well as the following elements:

  1. Review of your current financial position and the ability of the business to meet its financial obligations.
  2. Review of the financial statements of the organisation and its subsidiaries.
  3. Assessment of the organisation’s financial performance and ability to meet its financial obligations.
  4. dentification of any areas of financial risk and opportunities for improvement.
  5. Review of the organisation’s financial resources and cash flow.
  6. Assessment of the organisation’s income and expenditure, including a comparison of forecasted and actual financial performance.
  7. Review of the organisation’s financial management procedures and policies.
  8. Evaluation of the organisation’s financial reporting systems, including internal control structures.
  9. Analysis of the organisation’s capital structure and debt capacity.
  10. Review of the organisation’s compliance with relevant accounting and tax regulations.
  11. Evaluation of the organisation’s financial risk management systems.
  12. Assessment of the organisation’s financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting processes.Analysis of the organisation’s financial strategy, including the development of strategies for long-term financial stability and growth.
  13. Review of the organisation’s investments and capital expenditure plans.
  14. Assessment of the organisation’s insurance coverage.
  15. Analysis of the organisation’s risk management and assurance systems.
  16. Evaluation of the organisation’s internal audit process.
  17. Assessment of the organisation’s external audit process.
  18. Analysis of the organisation’s financial control environment.
  19. Evaluation of the organisation’s financial reporting system.

The analysis will include review of:

Cash Flow

Assets and Liabilities

Income and Expenses

Profit and Loss

Tax Position

Credit Risk

Equity and Risk

Business Continuity

Cost of Running the Business

Return on Investment

Industry Benchmarks

Strategic Direction

Governance and Compliance

Market Outlook

Training Delivery

Student Recruitment and Retention

Market Conditions

Cost of Delivery

Financial Management

Debt Management

We understand how important it is for RTOs to have access to reliable and comprehensive financial analysis. Our team of experienced accountants is dedicated to provide you with the highest quality financial analysis and advice.
Financial analysis can be a complicated process, and we are here to make it as easy as possible for you. We are committed to providing you with the best possible advice and analysis to ensure your organisation’s financial success.

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